About us

Changing families' futures

We work hand in hand with families in Africa. We understand that poverty is more than just the day to day struggle of toiling on land that fails to produce. Many people believe that poverty has become part of their personality, and hold out little hope for change. We provide livestock and training in natural organic farming practices alongside courses in gender equality, conflict resolution and more. It’s a package that works. It's a package that families pass on to others.

The difference we make

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We never

  • Shy away from a challenge: we work with vulnerable people in fragile landscapes
  • Give and go: we stay until we are no longer needed, typically 3-5 years
  • Treat every person the same: we tailor our package to each individual
  • Just focus on farming: we know emotional support is as important as the physical
  • Think we know it all: we learn as much from those we are helping as they do from us