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African Garden Days

This year to celebrate the International Year of Family Farming, Send a Cow Education is offering primary schools the chance to experience an African Garden Day that will combine classroom sessions with an outdoor challenge to create a school kitchen garden!

African Garden Days will provide a number of benefits for children, schools and communities:

  • Learning activities that support the National Curriculum using global learning
  • Learning outcomes that tie in with initiatives such as Healthy Schools, Eco-Schools and the International School Award
  • The development of practical, problem-solving and cooperation skills
  • A Ugandan-style ‘Keyhole Garden’ to be used as an ongoing learning resource
  • A digital African Garden Days scrapbook, enabling pupils to record and share their learning experience throughout the academic year and in-line with the global calendar and the growing season
  • The availability of further support for CPD teachers via our award winning Lessons from Africa website and the new African Garden Days microsite

How will the day work?

African Garden Days is designed for Key Stages 2-3 pupils. The day will include:

  • A preliminary meeting with relevant teaching staff to confirm all practical and learning aspects of the day
  • An assembly for the whole year group - to highlight positive ways in which people in Africa are feeding themselves in a sustainable way
  • Intensive work with one class for the remainder of the day: classroom-learning focusing on Africa, through group work and debate
  • A supervised outdoor challenge in which children will construct an African Keyhole Garden
  • A final wind-up session back in the classroom, followed by an informal feedback session with the teacher(s) involved

This project aims to reach over 30,000 primary school aged children across the United Kingdom. If you think that this exciting project is something that will benefit your school then why not visit our contact us page or tweet us

Pupils admiring their beautiful Keyhole Garden