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Bag Gardens

Bag Gardens not only help to feed children in Africa, they are a simple way for children in the UK to find out about sustainable living.

By growing vegetables in a Bag Garden (or 'sack garden'), your pupils can find out about growing plants, composting and healthy diets. They'll also discover how we help  African children to make them, ensuring they have food to eat every day. And as a Bag Garden is a sack filled with compost and soil with a column of stones up the middle – they’re easy enough for pupils to make together.

To get you started, buy one of our Bag Garden Starter Kits* costing £12 inc. p&p, containing one large or three small sacks, three packs of seeds and lots of information sheets and posters.

Order a Starter Kit

Buy kits using our order form, use our online form, or call us on 01225 874 222

Choose between one large sack (100x60cm) or three mini sacks (45x30cm). Our seed mix, contains dwarf French beans, mustard leaves and beetroot. The sacks we supply you with are made out of bio-degradable hessian, which have the added advantage of turning into compost at the end of the growing season!

'The Bag Gardens gave the children a valuable insight into the problems of poverty which many African children face every day.'

Sue Walton, Headteacher, Bishopstone Primary School, Swindon.

Bag Garden Competition!

We love to see pictures of your gardens and encourage all mini-gardeners to enter into our Bag Garden competition (using the competition entry form). And, after seeing so many fantastic photo entries last year, we want to see gardens on video too. So, send a short video (2-3 mins) or photos in with your form by July 12th and our panel of judges will decide which will win an African Gardens trophy. We also award runners up certificates too - make sure you enter!

Teachers Resources

There are lots of online resources to help you make the most of your Bag Gardens:

  • Start by using these Powerpoint files and other resources to introduce them to your pupils
  • Buy our African Gardens DVD to show pupils videos of Bag Gardens and other African Gardens
  • And these animations with Mr Tomato Head!

To make more of the experience, why not run your growing project alongside some fundraising by holding a mufti 'Wellie-Wednesday?

*Please note that we can only send our African Gardens kits to addresses in the UK.

Click here to watch our 'Bag Gardens in a UK school' video

Bag garden at home

Kirra Bell, Isle of Wight

Buy the Gift of Bag Gardens!

Buy the Gift of Bag Gardens!

Why not get together with your class and buy the Gift of Bag Garden training for an African family and help them grow healthy veggies?

New African Gardens DVD!

New African Gardens DVD!

Full of 'How to' videos, 'Day in the Life', African music & more for just £12 - call 01225 874 222 or use the order link below