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Keyhole gardens

Make a Keyhole Garden and bring a little bit of Africa to your school or garden at home.

A Keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden that recycles as it grows. The design - which looks like a keyhole from above - incorporates a central 'basket' where compostable waste is placed and water is poured. They are especially useful in areas where good soil is scarce, often adding nutritious vegetables to diets. Send a Cow uses them as part of our training, and they get fantastic results; families start to grow enough to eat and sell.

'Around 45 million pre-school children in Africa are malnourished due to poor nutrition.'

International Food Policy Research Institute

Keyhole Gardens are also a great way of introducing children (and adults), to sustainable principles such as composting and using 'grey water'. They are an excellent project for schools and groups to get involved in – perhaps as part of a bigger African gardening area?

Why not also buy the gift of a Keyhole Garden to help familes in Africa?

Suggested plants to grow in your Keyhole Garden that also grow in Uganda are: sweetcorn, gourds (mixed shapes), perpetual spinach, tithonia (Mexican sunflower), edible amaranth, courgette (round type) and marigolds.

Keyhole Garden Competition!

We love to see pictures of your gardens and encourage all mini-gardeners to enter into our Keyhole Garden competition (using the competition entry form). And, after seeing so many fantastic photo entries last year, we want to see gardens on video too. So, send a short video (2-3 mins) or photos in with your form by July 12th and our panel of judges will decide which will win an African Gardens trophy. We also award runners up certificates too - so make sure you enter!

Learning resources

We have introductory advice to help you to make a Keyhole Garden, and stories and PowerPoints to introduce how they help children in African countries. All of these resources can be found in the Keyhole Garden area on our Lessons from Africa website.

Buy the Gift of a Keyhole Garden!

Buy the Gift of a Keyhole Garden!

Buy this gift and help African families grow enough food for three meals a day – even in the face of an extreme climate and poor soil.

New African Gardens DVD!

New African Gardens DVD!

Full of 'How to' videos, 'Day in the Life', African music & more for just £12 - call 01225 874 222 or use the order link below

Find a speaker for your school

Find a speaker for your school

Have a look at our map and see if there is a speaker close by that can give a talk or assembly.