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About us

We love it when children's faces light up as they learn something new about the world. But we also know how difficult it can be to find the resources you need when you're in a hurry, especially about African countries. That's why we've set up this website to make life easier for you and more inspiring for your pupils.

And with the future in their hands it's so important that they understand about sustainability and the reality of life in Africa, away from the pictures of starving children and big game safaris. Our aim is to help children be confident about their futures and learn from amazing children in Africa who have gained new skills and new hope themselves.

So who are we? We are a charity called Send a Cow and we work hand in hand with poor families, teaching them the skills they need to leave poverty behind for good. By providing training in sustainable techniques, livestock, seeds and support, we help restore hope and create stronger communities. We also value the importance of making a positive change here as well as in Africa. Helping children become more clued-up and empowering them to change the world that we will leave them is our investment in the future.

Find out more about us on our main Send a Cow website.

We want  to see children inspired, better informed about the world

... and be happier and healthier!

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