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Having a few problems using the site? We’d love to help.

Lessons from Africa is a modern website designed to be used on relatively new devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets). We have taken lots of care to make sure it works on as many devices as possible by using 'responsive design' (matching the site size to fit your screen) and testing on all sorts of internet browsers etc. But, if you’re having a problem and there isn’t anything below that solves it, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form and we’ll look into for you.

Finding resources

You can find resources from the Home page using the search box on the top left or by using the tick-boxes in the menu on the left. This is designed so that as you tick a choice, eg ‘KS1’, our system will find all the resources that are suitable to Key Stage 1 pupils. You can tick more boxes to refine your search even more. For instance, you might want to find KS1 resources that are linked to Literacy. If so, you would tick both of those boxes on the left and any KS1 Literacy resources would come up in the main column. When you’ve finished or want to start again simply click on the ‘Clear all’ button just below the search box, or un-tick any boxes that have ticks in them.

When searching for a resource using the search box, you’ll notice that you can refine your search further if there are too many results. When the results are displayed in the main column, tick any of the boxes on the left-hand menu to only see results linked to that term. For instance, you could search for ‘food’ and then click on ‘Geography’ to see all food related resources that are linked to Geography.

Basic techie issues

Like almost all functional websites, this website used JavaScript to be enabled to work properly. If you have JavaScript disabled the website probably won’t work well for you. That said, you probably know that already as most of the web won’t work for you either.

If you currently have lots of issues with things not working as intended on other websites, and you’re having problems with this website, then you more than likely have some kind of issue with your browser or security settings that we won’t be able to fix. If you generally see the rest of the web fine, and are having trouble with our website, then that is likely to be something we can resolve for you.

Video problems

If you are experiencing video problems it could be a number of things. We stream video directly from Vimeo. The first thing to check is whether you can view Vimeo videos directly from the Vimeo website. If you can't, then there is something on your machine blocking this (most likely either a security policy set by your employer/school, or you have high settings on your security software). It’s most likely that if you are having video problem on our website, you are having them elsewhere too.

Can't open a file that’s been downloaded?

We supply our content in variety of different formats. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files will require a version of the appropriate Microsoft software in the main to open (although there is other software than can open these files). Images will normally be opened by whatever your device normally uses to open them and shouldn’t present a problem. For PDF files, we recommend Adobe Reader which is a free download.

It doesn’t work on my laptop, phone, tablet, wipeboard!

If you are experiencing a problem, please detail the error you are having and the type of device and browser you are using. You can use the contact form to tell us about this.

Finally, if you’re having technical issues with software we suggest you update to the newest version of your browser and Adobe Reader or check updates from Microsoft or Apple.

We hope we were able to help!  :~)